DIY Notepad Tutorial


I've had this unusual obsession with Sharpies lately. They're the grown up version of colored markers that I get to keep all to myself! I picked up a couple of these sets from Amazon (seriously, what don't I buy off Amazon) so that I could gift one to my little sister for Christmas. Since she'll be … [Read more...]

The Magic Of Christmas


Is it just me or is time going by at warp speed? How is Christmas only a few days away?! I've been spending all of my time making gifts and doing all sorts of Christmas-y things as a family. It has been busy but oh so wonderful. The holidays with a 3 year old is pure magic! It is the first year … [Read more...]

Vinyl Labeled Train Storage And An Update On Ikea Lillabo Trains


Every time we go to Ikea we pick up a new addition to Steven's wooden train tracks. They're inexpensive but really high quality. His wooden trains are without a doubt his most played with toys. I don't think there has been a single day (literally) since he has had them that he hasn't played with … [Read more...]

Glittered Snowflake Ornaments


I used to completely avoid working with glitter. I love the way it sparkles but I can't stand the mess it makes. I would always end up with big uneven clumps of glitter and glue. Not to mention the mess it leaves around the house because glitter was always falling off of things even after it had … [Read more...]