A Trip To The Zoo


A recent trip landed us in Garden City, Kansas. While looking online to see what they had to offer, I came across the Lee Richardson Zoo. Growing up my parents took us to zoos all across the country. Now it is something I love to do with my son. My husband is always on board with that idea so we … [Read more...]

Fabric Treasure Map Tutorial


Halloween is still a month away, but if you're anything like me it has been on your DIY radar for a while already. This fabric treasure map would be the perfect accessory for any pirate costume. It is super sturdy and should last for many years to come. If you'd like to make one for your little … [Read more...]

How To Create Colorful Layered Vinyl Designs With Your Silhouette


I recently shared how I use printable coloring pages to create cut files I can't find anywhere else. I've been using this method to create vinyl designs for our customized Disney Magic Bands. The magic bands are only about an inch wide so I've been doing this on a very small scale. I'm thinking … [Read more...]

School Spirit Hair Tie With Customized Ribbon


I'm happy to share that my first non-kids craft is up on the Silhouette Blog today. Have you used heat transfer material on ribbon yet? Yes, ribbon! It ends up looking like you bought it from the store...except better because you made it! I can think of no less than a million and one fun ways to use … [Read more...]

How To Create Cut Files Of Your Favorite Characters


One of my very favorite features of my Silhouette is that I can create my own cut files. I've found that an easy way to do this is by using images from free printable coloring pages. If you have kids (or are just a big kid yourself) this can be a lifesaver since you can customize everything with … [Read more...]